Whats the best Volkswagen TV ad of all time?

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So, what’s your favourite Volkswagen TV ad of all-time?

Ridgeway Volkswagen have been scouring our archives (and YouTube of course) for the very best in automotive TV advertising from Volkswagen.

Is it the classic Golf “everything changes” ad featuring the Lady Diana’esque Paula Hamilton or even Tall Girl up! ad from 2013 – you decide?

We’ve detailed a few here below … or visit our Volkswagen TV ad playlist in YouTube for inspiration … but be sure to let us know your view on the “Best Volkswagen TV ad of all time”. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ7BXeEDfW4vJgtBr-C2oB52cYGcRfLd9


Think Blue. ‘Baby Television Advert’ (2013) | Volkswagen

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI ‘My Way’ TV Advert (2013) | Volkswagen

Volkswagen up! “Tall Girl” TV Advert (2013) | Volkswagen

Old VW Volkswagen Advert – Mystery Squeaking Noise | Volkswagen

The Bark Side 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser | Volkswagen

Volkswagen Polo TV ad ‘Newspaper’ | Volkswagen

Classic Volkswagen Golf TV ad feat. Paula Hamilton (1987) | Volkswagen

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